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2017 Spring Pharmacy Technician Update (Columbia)


Columbia, SC

Start Time

4/22/2017 9:00 AM

End Time

4/22/2017 1:00 PM


Medication Safety – Addressing Common Drug Interactions
(ACPE #0062-9999-17-002-L05-T)
1. List common drug interactions encountered in dispensing of medications.
2. Describe best practices to identify and manage drug interactions encountered in the dispensing process.
3. Discuss other considerations that can influence a patient’s use of medication and therefore increase the risk of drug interactions.
4. Give a scenario, identify appropriate practices and processes to reduce drug interactions and improve patient safety.

Pharmacy Law – Drug Misuse and Abuse
(ACPE #0062-9999-17-003-L03-T)
1. Differentiate between drug misuse and drug abuse.
2. Describe chronic pain and the use of opioid’s in the treatment of chronic pain.
3. Suggest strategies to identify patients within your practice that are at risk for drug misuse or drug abuse and identify potential methods of treatment.

(ACPE #0062-9999-17-004-L01-T)
1. Identify requirements of the SC Immunization protocol.
2. Discuss the role of the pharmacist, pharmacy technician or intern in immunization services.
3. Discuss common vaccine issues, including the availability and storage of vaccine products and appropriate screening processes.

OTC Update: Preparing for Summer
(ACPE #0062-9999-17-006-L01-T)
1. Identify common issues with the use of over-the-counter products.
2. Describe considerations for educating patients who may benefit from pharmacist counseling on self-care treatments.
3. Discuss product availability and appropriate use of over-thecounter products for insect bites and stings, wound care and minor burns, sunburn prevention and dermatitis.



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4.0 contact hours


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