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Evidence-Based Drug Therapy Update


North Charleston, SC

Start Time

5/11/2017 8:00 AM

End Time

5/13/2017 12:15 PM


Course Description The Evidence-Based Drug Therapy Update is designed to assist primary care providers with the how, when and why to consider the application of new knowledge and/or new medications where appropriate based upon the evidence that is available at the time. Areas where considerable new information and/or medications have become available in the last year will be included in this update.

Statement of Purpose Our primary goal is to provide these practitioners with the most appropriate, up-to-date, cost-effective and evidence based pharmacotherapy information so that they can apply this information to the care of their patients. Our overall goal is to assist these providers in obtaining the best patient oriented outcomes for their patients.

Overall Learning Objectives At the completion of this conference, you should be better able to:
• Deliver practical updates and reviews covering the newest information and evidence-based guidelines on pharmacologic therapies for the most common health conditions prevalent in today’s healthcare environment
• Focus on strategies to improve quality, safety and efficiency in patient care during the ever-changing healthcare market
• Practice a team approach and apply the most evidence-based, non-biased and balanced healthcare decisions in a timely and accurate manner
• Prescribe appropriate diagnostic and therapeutic strategies in a costeffective manner considering legal and liability exposure.



All Day Event





CME office 843-876-1925; Register


18.0 contact hours (full 3 days)


Practicing Physicians: Full Conference $500; Day 1 $210; Day 2 $210; Day 3 $160
NP’s, PA’s, RPh, Residents: Full Conference$500; Day 1 $210; Day 2 $210; Day 3 $160
Students (MUSC): Full Conference $150; Day 1 $75; Day 2 $75; Day 3 $75

(Please use ONE of these methods to register. Do not mail if previously faxed or telephoned).
• Online: Visit Please select “CME Conferences” in the left hand menu, and scroll down to find “2016 Evidence Based Drug
Update” and select the blue “Register” button.
• Mail: Please send registration form with check payable to “Medical University of South Carolina” or credit card information to: Elizabeth Gossen,
Office of CME - MUSC, 19 Hagood Ave., Suite 1004, MSC 754 Charleston, SC 29425
• Telephone: 843-876-1925 - Credit card only.
• Fax: 843-876-1931 - Credit card only. (Secured area)


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